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Care in Midstream is one of the places where we deliver a physiotherapy service. This is a frail care facility.


Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is a physical medicine and rehabilitation speciality that, by using mechanical force and movements, re-mediates impairments and promotes mobility function quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. It is performed by physical therapists (known as physiotherapists in many countries).

In addition to clinical practice, other activities encompassed in the physical therapy profession include research, education and consultation administration. Physical therapy services may be provided alongside, or in conjunction with, other medical services.

Bergh & Cilliers

is a team of compassionate, dynamic & competent physiotherapists.
We strive to be your physiotherapists of choice every time,
regardless of your condition.


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We offer world class services in the treatment of sports injuries, back and neck problems and lung rehabilitation. Our expert staff treat paediatric patients as well as orthopaedic, neurological and spinal cord injuries. We strive to be your physiotherapists of choice for post -surgical and post natal follow-ups, women’s health and craniosacral fascial therapy.

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Our manual treatment modalities include soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, fascial manipulation ,dry needling,  orthopaedic manual therapy and neural mobilization.  We utilise state of the art equipment for electrotherapy, light therapy, deep oscillation and lymph drainage. As well as rehab for all post-surgical, neurological, respiratory, sports, men’s and women’s health conditions.

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