Monique Bergh

Monique Bergh

Physiotherapist (Director of Bergh&Cilliers Inc)

Monique works hard because she loves her work and is passionate about helping those in need. She obtained her degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Pretoria in 2004 cum laude. She worked at 1 Military Hospital and in 2008 entered the private sector. She became a partner in 2015. She is extremely driven and motivated and loves to give as much of herself and her time as she can. She is passionate about babies and children (with respiratory, musculoskeletal and milestone challenges), women’s health and incontinence and loves treating hospital patients with evidence based treatment techniques.

She has completed courses for :

  • Dry needling level 1&2,
  • Women’s health and Pelvic floor,
  • [CFT] Craniofacial Sacral Therapy (adults and paediatrics),
  • Many Respiratory courses
  • Cardiothoracic and pulmonary rehabilitation courses.

She is a member of the Critical Care Society of South Africa and is motivated to introduce new equipment and techniques into the practice to keep all treatments evidence based and as efficient as possible. She has compassion and a loving nature and thrives on helping others.

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